Friday, December 13, 2013

Calendar Page Procrastination

I think I've figured out why it takes me so long to get projects done ; I am easily distracted!  Yesterday while rummaging through paper scraps for a new page  I found a stash of postage stamps I bought at a thrift store.

The text looked like Hungarian, the same language in my grandmother's old documents.   Enter Google Translate that confirmed that the papers are Hungarian and the postmarks are all from Hungarian cities. It looks like these are some sort of postal tracking stamps or labels.

I love the cancelled stamps, the handwritten notes and of course the bits of text.

This is why I love thrift stores; you never know what you're going to find.  So many questions -  why would someone tear these into strips?  Maybe some stamp collector who wasn't interested in the text ( horrors!) , just the stamps.  And how did Hungarian postal tracking stamps end up in a thrift store on the New England seacoast?  

Feel free to save these images to use in your art projects (click to enlarge, right click to save-as).  If you do use them, link back here so I can see your creation.

OK, enough stalling - back to work!

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