Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tag Tree

I know you well-organized types already have your tree up and decorated.  Not me, but I do have a new tree for my tags.   I made some Tim Holtz tags when he was doing the 12 Tags of Christmas. and never knew what to do with them.  (I do miss the 12 Tags and the fun and frenzy of trying to recreate Tim's magic without all his wonderful supplies.).  These are serious tags - the kind that take hours (or at least take me that long); the kind that I would never actually put on a gift.  As much as I love my family and friends, the thought of one of these tags ending up in the trash with all the Christmas wrapping paper makes me sad homicidal.

I found a little tree at Home Goods for $15.00.   My first set of pictures got eaten by gremlins, so I don't have a picture of the bottom wrapped in burlap and fur.  Burlap and FUR?  I admit it;  I am not sophisticated enough to "get" that combo, so I knew the faux fur had to go.

Fir gone, bottom wrapped in more burlap and branches straightened and spread out - ready for tags.

There - now my tags are freed from their storage box and as an added benefit, I rescued this tree from the shame of wearing fur with burlap.

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